Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reels Slots puts to shame a lot of other classic slots through its detailed and atmospheric Halloween-themed appearance. The background imagery depicts the evil, old, creepy witch, wearing a hat and holding a broomstick in her hand - one, which she will probably use to fly around with across the night sky. Spiders are hanging on webs, bats are flying and the silhouette of a giant terrifying castle rises in the distance.

The gameplay involves 3 reels and a single payline. The maximum number of credits, which can be bet before the reels are spun is 3. Coin sizes can vary from 1 cent to 10 dollars, which makes the biggest possible bet 30 dollars. Players can also profit from a big paytable, an excellent wild symbol and a bonus feature. Betting 3 credits will allow gamblers to get the game's best prize as well as experience its bonus game.

Profit from Generous Halloween Symbols

The paytable of Haunted Reels Slots features 6 symbols with 9 winning combinations. Only the best-paying symbol offers prizes for all 3 bet cases; the rest of them have payouts just for 1 and 2 bet credits. One candies symbol in a combination offers 2 and 4 credits. The any two candies combination brings 5 and 10 credits. The same payouts are awarded by any 3 of the BAR-type symbols. The triple candy combination as well as 3 single BAR symbols grant 10 and 20 credits.

The triple double BAR symbol combination gives 25 and 50 credits. 3 triple BAR symbols provide gamblers with 40 and 80 credits. The triple gravestone combination delivers 80 and 160 credits. The highest paying symbol of the game is the wild Witch. 3 Witches reward gamblers with 800 credits in the case of 1 bet credit, 1600 credits in the case of 2 bet credits and the top prize of 2400 credits in the case of 3 bet credits.

Make the Best of a Rewarding Wild

As a wild, the Witch can replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to create new winning combinations. When a single wild symbol assists in the formation of a combination, the earnings made from it will be increased two times. If 2 wilds create a combination, the prizes will be multiplied by 4. The special bonus pumpkin symbol is the only one that doesn't offer payouts of its own but when it shows up on the reels when 3 credits are bet, the bonus feature of the game will be activated.

Haunted Reels Slots is an excellent classic game from Wager Gaming Technology, which provides players with big prizes through its paytable, wild symbol and bonus game and immerses gamblers in the spirit of Halloween in the most profitable manner imaginable.