Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

Goblin’s Gold Wild X Slots displays the gold-lit depths of a treasure-filled cave on the background and a creepy goblin with oversized demonic eyes and emerald scales, clinging on to the game’s title. The gameplay involves 3 reels and 3 paylines. The available coin sizes are 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars and 5 dollars. The maximum possible bet is 15 dollars. The game’s paytable has 6 symbols, which have 9 combinations. Players can also profit from a single wild symbol, which can provide overwhelmingly satisfying prizes.

Enjoy the Profitable Paytable and the Three Big Payouts of the Triple Wild Combination

The BAR-type symbols are at the bottom of the paytable. 3 of any of the BAR symbols will pay 5 credits. Three single BAR symbols offer 25 credits. Three double BAR symbols award 50 credits. Three triple BAR symbols bring 100 credits. The triple lamp combination grants 300 credits. Three pouches filled with gold nuggets give 500 credits.

The highest-paying combination is that of the wild Goblin. Three Goblins landing on the reels can provide 3 different payouts depending on the number of paylines that are active – 1500 credits will be delivered when 1 payline is active, 3000 credits for 2 paylines and 6000 credits for 3 paylines. As a wild, the Goblin has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form winning combinations.

Make Sure to Play All Three Paylines for Maximum Profits

Players are advised to play with all 3 paylines because despite the many possibilities for payouts, which the paytable offers, this is a 3-reel slots that doesn’t offer much else. Its wild is able to form new combinations but it doesn’t provide gamblers with any kind of a multiplier – which is a very common effect in similarly constructed classic slots and that means gamblers should do everything they can in order to increase their chances.

Furthermore, symbols might not always appear on the available paylines. It is quite possible that there are some empty positions on the reels after they are spun and if the gambler has activated just one payline and it ends up involving at least one empty slot, the other two paylines won’t be able to help out and the bet will be lost.

Goblin’s Gold Wild X is a simple but entertaining slot, which might not offer some of the features, which games with 3 reels usually have but it does work well enough on its own through its solid paytable prizes and its wide bet range.